You work hard on your business.

Marketer. Saleswoman. Product Creator. Project Manager. Team Leader. Accountant. Strategist. Get It Done-r.

But you don’t want it to run your life.

Because you have bigger plans for all that time you’re losing in the day-to-day.

You know you’d be a better entrepreneur if you weren’t the bottleneck holding your business back.

If you could get your systems in shape.

Your team in place. 

Your ideas prioritized. 

Your offers buttoned up.

Your products scaled for growth.
The Profitable & Productive Party is a growth coaching program for women who want to build a long-term, sustainable business using tried-and-true business practices.
No formulas.

No gimmicks.

No quick band-aids.
Just straight-up leadership, business management tools, and expert consulting designed to help you stop chasing the shiny things. It’s time to get more strategic and intentional with your time.
Because you’re a CEO and it’s time to act like one.

Each month in the Party, you’ll have access to:

Private Member Community

Stop flying solo! Connect and collaborate with other women to brainstorm, celebrate, and problem-solve together.
Productive Coworking Sessions

During these get-to-work sessions, the focus is stepping out of the day-to-day and into that CEO role.  
Profitable Coaching Calls

Talk through the roadblocks you're facing, share upcoming opportunities and gain clarity, direction, and a plan with your go-to consultants.
Access to the workshop  Library

In-depth support that’s ready when you are. These bite-sized lessons cover topics ranging from innovation and investing in your business (even if you're only making a few thousand a year!) to running Facebook ads, hiring support staff, and managing strategic projects.
Monthly Quick Trick Tutorial

Lead your business better as we share one of the repeatable, scalable tools we apply with our own clients (who have made multi-million dollars in sales!) and paid over $150,000 to learn in graduate school.
Insider Insights

Discover what’s working in the industry right now with guest speakers, six-figure case studies from our brands and clients, and behind-the-scenes process breakdowns.

and more!

Everything you need to
get out of your own way.
  • Leadership & Management
  • ​Coaching & Support
  • ​Action & Accountability
  • ​Data-Driven Profit & Productivity Tools
Get the focus and clarity you’re craving, at a fraction of the investment it’d be to work with us 1:1. 

Join today and start making consistent progress toward those big goals that feel so out of reach. 
About Pixie Dust & Profits
✨ We make small business magic. ✨
Pixie Dust & Profits is a community for small business owners who love Disney and want to sprinkle some of that magic onto their own businesses.
Hi, we're Yasmine & Nicole
We are Yasmine Kashefi Spencer & Nicole Boucher, business owners and life-long Disney lovers. As business strategists and operations managers, we work with 6 & 7-figure entrepreneurs to scale their businesses and strategize on how to turn their dreams into reality.

We help women scale their businesses with strategic action, efficient systems, and successful teams.

With Walt Disney’s inspiration, our expertise, and a little bit of pixie dust sprinkled on top, we’ll show you how to make magic happen in your business too.
What you can expect inside:
Our mission with Pixie Dust & Profits is pretty magical: 
We break down big business strategies into tools every business owner can implement, no matter their size or goals. 

We want every small business adventurer to be equipped with the tools to run a profitable business that brings more 🌟 magic 🌟 to the world.

Because we're not just showing you how to make small business magic...

We're showing you how to tap into your own.

Together, we can build a great big beautiful tomorrow.

Wondering if this is for you?
  • You’re making stable revenue, but you can’t seem to find a path to the next threshold without a significant time or money investment.
  • ​You’re doing everything yourself and you want to be more efficient and focused with your time.
  • ​You’re a digital product seller ready to scale up with product profitability, customer retention, and operational excellence in mind.
  • ​You’re a service-provider who supports multiple clients and you need tricks and tools for managing all of those notifications and projects.
  • ​You’re tired of your business running you, and you want more balance in your life.
  • ​Gurus gross you out, and you’re so over all the “make 6 figures by doing this one thing!” marketing sleaze.
  • ​You need help eliminating the competing demands and distractions that interrupt your focus and pull your attention away from what you should be working on.
The Party isn’t for you if…
  • You don’t like to #DoTheWork. We may be anti-hustle, but we know the CEOs who get results are the ones putting in the time.
  • ​This is the 7th educational or coaching investment you’ve made this year and you haven’t implemented any of the others yet. (Come back to us after you do!)
  • ​You believe emailing a promotion to your list every single week is the way to sales. (We’re all about the guest experience, here!)
  • ​You’re in direct marketing or you’re a brick-and-mortar business owner. While we have some experience in these realms, we know there are other consultants who can better support your business.
  • ​You hate Disney and would never step foot in one of their theme parks. (While we’re not all Disney, all the time… we’ve been known to pop on a pair of Minnie Ears right before a coaching call. 😉)


Party Founding Membership

Monthly Operations & Strategy Magic for Your Online Business

This growth coaching program is for women entrepreneurs who are focused on creating scalable, profitable success and becoming a better leader in their business. Brainstorming, learning, collaboration, community, feedback, and support… it’s all inside!

$174.99 per month

Lock in our lowest ever rate!
Cancel anytime.


Fast-Action Bonus Offer

“I Make Small Business Magic” Mug

Claim your party favor when you join before october 15th!

upcoming quick trick tools

Frameworks You Can Use Again & Again

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The Difference Between Cash Cows & Dogs

3 Areas You Can Always Improve  (Even If You Don’t Have a Dime to Spend)

Quick & Easy Customer Delight Opportunities

Empowering Your Team With Tried-and-True Customer Service Processes

Strategic Planning for Future Growth & Clarity


Get Access to Our Newest Workshop

DIY Facebook Ads, What to Know Before You Start

People still think Facebook ads are like sprinkling pixie dust on your business. They can be a great tool in your marketing mix, but don’t put all your dollars in Zuck’s basket! 

This exclusive training is going to tell you WHAT you need before you start running Facebook Ads and where to start when you first start spending money on the platform. 


Yasmine & Nicole are the Shining Star to the Right, the Fairy Godmother, the Anna of my business.
They keep it fun, they guide me with wisdom, compassion, and grace, and they give unwavering support and excitement for taking our next right step."
- Misty Henry

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