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Sometimes we get so excited after we finish recording an episode of Pixie Dust & Profits that we just can't stop believin' talking about it.

And it never fails, no matter how much we prepare and go over our notes beforehand...

When we're actually in the groove and recording, we forget to mention a bullet point or two that we really, really meant to highlight during the episode.

So rather than keeping our post-show musings to ourselves, we thought... "hmm, wouldn't it be fun to share these with our listeners too?"

This bundle of goodies includes

3 Mini Workbooks and 2 Bonus Audio Files

exclusive to our subscribers

  • 3 Small Business Lessons We've Learned from Disney to get you thinking more operationally about your small business
  • The Content Repurposing Worksheet so you can stop staring at a blank cursor on Instagram
  • The Profitable & Productive Time Management Worksheet that shows you exactly where you're (not) spending your time wisely
  • A deep-dive into creating a Customer Ascension Model for your business
  • Our tips & tricks for Sounding Authentically You on social media and with your marketing materials
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